Purkyňova 105, Brno







Permanent exhibitions: History of Flying and Plastic Kit Models, Cutlery, Historical Vehicles, From the Tam-Tam to the Internet, Mechanical Music Salon, Culture of the Blind, Water Motors with the Viktor Kaplan Memorial, Metal Casting, Steam Motors, Tradesmen’s Lane, Metallurgy of Iron, Historical Stereovision, Time Above Us and Around Us, Experimentarium
Temporary exhibition: The Military in 1918, 1938, 1948, 1968 (until 12. 10.)

The central theme of the Museum Night in the Technical museum in Brno is the “Museum Mobilization” as part of the accompanying programme to The Military in 1918, 1938, 1948, 1968 exhibition.



Theatre play Detective Constables on the Road – Erik Pardus and Zdenek Junák

The Brněnští gajdoši ensemble – folk songs with a military theme
19:00, 20:30, 22:00 and 23:30
Military march drill dance variations accompanied by a military band – students of the Brno School of Dance led by Dr. Korčian, stylized short scenes on the theme of mobilization, recruitment, parting with the life of freedom and military life.


During the night, the permanent and temporary exhibitions will be brought to life by people in period costumes, on this particular night mainly in uniforms from the different periods of military history. The Brněnští gajdoši ensemble with Daniel Kikta on accordion will play in Tradesmen’s Lane. The Barber’s will specialize in administering chic military crewcuts. The master shoe-maker Procházka will sole military boots but in the end will not be able to avoid recruitment. Jarmila Ondráčková at the Bookbinder’s will be swamped by work on binding military rules.

Metal casting experimental workshop – examples of the craft

Technological gamehall – laser shooting range, physical experiments

In front of the museum building: military vehicles from the collections of the Technical Museum in Brno and private collectors with examples of the vehicle crew drill.


The programme is a joint effort by the members of the Military History Club, Brno Police History Club and a host of other volunteers.
Abundant refreshments will be available.
In addition to the special lines of the Brno City Transport Company the visitors can take a ride on the historical buses of the Technical Museum in Brno.