Over the past four years the Museum Night has become the undisputed highlight of cultural life in Brno. While the organizers are pleased with the growing interest on the part of the visitors and the new cultural institutions that join us, it is not the awesome numbers of those participating that we would like to boast about but rather the friendly ambience of the event; the satisfaction of the public with what is offered; and the services provided as part of the Brno Museum Night. Last but not least, we hope that by this exceptional moment in the life of the city we all contribute to the cultural sophistication of Brno’s inhabitants.

In addition to the immediate cultural and art experience, and entertainment, the Brno Museum Night provides an ample opportunity for disseminating information on the wide range and high-quality of what the museum institutions in Brno have to offer. This year the Brno Museum Night takes place under the aegis of the Moravian Gallery in Brno, which received a significant subsidy from the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic towards the organization of the event.

It enabled us to publish this extensive overview of the programme with additional information on the participating organizationparticipujících s, launch
a promotional campaign and be more generous in the preparationsdalší. It is hoped that the initiative and commitment displayed in presenting the values that we take care of to as many interested people as possible will be acknowledged and rewarded on other occasions as well. However,
the most sincere wish that remains is that the visit to the Brno Museum Night encourages people to include the Brno museums in their life. We are here for you not just on the Museum Night but throughout the year - equally enticing, ready and visitor-friendly.


Marek Pokorný
Director of the Moravian Gallery in Brno


Brno Museum Night 2008
28 locations – 15 institutions – 13 museums –
9 galleries – 3 churches –3 towers – 2 libraries – and 1 observatory




more than 50 exhibitions, guided tours of permanent exhibitions concerts (jazz, swing, choral, shaman drumming, organ, Rococo music, fanfare from the Town Hall tower, songs from the stage…) theatre performances (cabaret, opera, circus acts, constabulary detective theatre, improvised acting, fencing duels, horse dressage, theatre of actors with a hearing impediment, biblical stories, scenes from army life, poetry recitals, gypsy dances from around the world…)
art workshops (masques, hats, portraits, fire painting, interactive diary of the night visitor…)
examples of traditional craftsmanship (metal casting, book-binder, cobbler, barber, potter, woodworker and shepherd) fashion shows, fencing duels, special refreshments and much more.



Practical information

– The night walks to history, art, learning and entertainment will be made easier by the Brno City Transport Company which will transport you free of charge even to the remotest museums. The main hub of the special bus lines will again be situated on Moravské náměstí Square.

– Direct broadcasts from the Brno Museum Night can be watched on a large screen on Moravské Square and on the web pages of the Yotiva company which provides the transmission of the event -


- The Brno Museum Night is kindly supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the City of Brno. It is held under the auspices of Roman Onderka, the Mayor of the City of Brno, Stanislav Juránek, the President of the Southern Moravia Region, and Vojtěch Cikrle, the Bishop of Brno.


- The Brno Museum Night is a part of the Museum Nights Festival, organised by the Association of Czech Museums and Galleries with the support of the Ministry of Culture, and of the project Brno - City in the Centre of Europe... festival of fun under Špilberk and Veveří Castles with the company Skanska. The event enjoys generous support from the Brno Transport Company that provides free transportation of visitors going to museum buildings outside the city centre. Organisational assistance is provided by the League for Disabled Persons' Rights.






  We wish you a good museum night