Alfa passage, Poštovská 8d

Open 18:00 – 24:00




Exhibition: Jiří Eliška / Graphic design / Drawing / Etc. (46th exhibition in the Brno – the Capital of Design cycle)


20:00 and 22:00

Concert from the Black Ambulance and Other Horror Stories stage play. The maniac from the students’ hall – the mad acid handler – the dense yob – the Shock Brigade back in action.

The stage play based on the book of the same name by Petr Janeček will take you to the 1980’s in the form of a retro cabaret making a splurge of the fables and legends generated by the public.


You will be given an opportunity to soak in the atmosphere, relive or learn about the horror stories circulating by word of mouth, listen to the songs from that period and be entertained by the emerging TV commercials from that time in a 40-minute concert.