Open 18:00 – 24:00
      Free admission to
      permanent and temporary







Bishop’s Courtyard

Muzejní ul. 1-3 (access from Zelný trh or Kapucínské nám.)


Permanent exhibitions: The History of Moravian Coinage, Moravian Fauna, a freshwater fish aquarium
Temporary exhibition: Susan in the Bath and Other… Majolica sculptures by Vladimír Groš (Marble Rooms, until 24. 5.)




Dietrichstein Palace

Zelný trh 8


Permanent exhibitions: The World of Minerals, Extinct Life-forms in Moravia (paleontology), Moravian Prehistory, Mediaeval Moravian Village and Great Moravia (archaeology)
Temporary exhibitions: Living with a Handicap or To Know is To Understand (Children’s Museum, until 28. 10.)



Sale of Elisa - Hromčík’s mead (entrance hall)
18:30 – 22:00

Concert of the M. R. Swing bigband in the courtyard. Air Cafe.

Activities in the Living with a Handicap or to Know is to Understand exhibition (Children’s Museum)

Activities for children and adults in the Extinct Life-forms in Moravia paleontological exhibition, paleontological film screenings, quiz (1st floor)
18:00 – 22:00

Showing of the When Methodius Baptized Bořivoj diorama animated by members of the Great Moravians association from Modrá near Velehrad (2nd floor)
20:00 – 21:00 and 22:00 – 23:30

Demonstrations of mineral luminescence and radioactivity (1st floor, small room)
Museum shop – sale of publications and souvenirs.




Noble Women’s Palace
(Ethnographical Institute)

Kobližná 1


Exhibitions: Lego – A toy and a hobby 2008
(until 7. 6.)
People from Three Continents. Photographs by Miroslav Myška (until 23. 8.)

Chapel: Beauty Revived. The art and skill of textile restorers. Presentation of restored society costumes for special occasions 1900–1930. Short-termshow, prepared especially for the Museum Night

2nd floor: UNIVERSUM. An exhibition by the students of the studio of Marie Jirásková (DIFA JAMU Stage Design Studio) and their guests

2nd floor: Marie Jirásková – OPENINGS a spatial installation


18:15 and 20:15

Early Music performances by the Akademie staré hudby ensemble (1st floor)
19:15 and 21:15

Excerpts from the FAIRYTALES project or the Book as Theatre – students of the Educational Drama for the Deaf Studio of Zoja Mikotová (2nd floor)

Hammered dulcimer folk music




Anthropos Pavilion

Pisárecká 5 (Pisárecký park)


Permanent exhibition: The Story of Humankind, The Moravia of Hunters and Gatherers, Europe’s Earliest Art, Genetics in Human Development. Primates – We Are Family, Technology in the Early and Middle Stone Age, On the Track of Pleistocene Mammals. Dioramas, a life-size model of a mammoth with a calf
Temporary exhibition: The Sahara – Story of the Great Desert (until 31. 8.)


19:00 – 22:00

Rhythms of the shaman drums performed by the Brum Drum Brothers group
22:00 – 24:00

The Dyje-Svratka ethno interpreted by the Jenprotendnešnídenband ensemble
The museum shop and café are open throughout the night.